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The New Psoas Stretch

Written by Boroondara Osteopathy

A well-known clinic in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs founded by Dr Katie Willy (Osteopath)

Psoas muscle | Osteopathy

Hip flexors get a lot of blame…

We have been working on some easier ways to stretch your psoas, also known as your hip flexors, to get the best focus stretch we could.

We came up with something new, and we think improved on what you might already know.

Hip flexors as you can see from the diagram are actually attached to the low back.  They need to be for leverage in lifting the leg, which is actually a pretty big structure.

They insert onto the top of your hip.

The job of the psoas.

  1. its a hip flexor, which means it bends your hip
  2. slow the hip down when the leg is moving behind
  3. they are a spring like structure that when your foot behind you is leaving the floor to spring through the air, the energy stored up from them stretching out will help propel the leg to swing forwards so you can take the next step.

They are super cool things to look at in the way we move!


It’s not just hip pain that they can be a culprit for.

We find that nagging back pain just below the ribcage at the back of your spine can be a problem area for tight hip flexors.

And sitting at a desk can be quite aggravating, so try this psoas stretch for yourself.

Back Pain | Desk Posture | Kew
Have a go with my video below and see if you can give yourself a bit of hip freedom.
Listen carefully for the detail.  It’s all in the detail.
And then give yourself some time to position your body well.

Psoas Stretch