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Osteopath Balwyn North | Dr Katherine Burt

Dr Katherine Burt

Melbourne Mastitis Clinic Practitioner

About me...

My experience with Osteopathy began from a personal experience as a teen with unrelenting low back pain. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful Osteopath that helped me navigate through that tough period and realise the potential of the human body on the other side. My interest in human body mechanics and pain experiences was piqued and left me wanting more. So upon finishing in school I embarked on a university course to become an Osteopath.

Given the realm of body problems Boroondara Osteopathy encounters everyday, I have my eyes are wide open to all issues, and I’m the type of practitioner that is constantly learning to fill in my knowledge gaps. It’s the best way to be really in terms of, you never know everything but you can definitely keep on learning. This attitude gives me grounding in what it takes to be a wholistic therapist.

As part of this clinic I am also part of the Melbourne Mastitis Clinic practitioner group. Another way I can work with people to improve their breastfeeding journey at a time when they often feel down in the dumps. By understanding so much about this niche therapy, it really is just another part of the human body that requires help. I have a genuine passion for the Melbourne Mastitits Clinic and all the outcomes it achieves as a whole.

I look forward to seeing you in clinic!

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