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Have you heard about “desk ergonomics” and want to know what it’s all about?!

Desk ergonomics refers to the way your desk is set up. Everything should have it’s place and be there for a reason. That way, your body can work efficiently and effectively and not leave you aching every time you’ve been strapped to the desk for an hour or 3!

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DOs and DON’Ts of Desk Set-Up

DO Choose a good chair!
A good desk chair will have an adjustable height and seat tilt. If it has arm rests, make sure you can rest your forearms comfortably with your shoulders relaxed.

DON’T be reaching! Make sure your essential desk items like keyboard, mouse and phone are within a forearm’s distance. If you need anything else from the back of the desk, use it as an opportunity to stand up and stretch out!

DO Make sure the top of your screen lines up with your eyeline. This will ensure that you’re not extending your neck for long periods. This can be especially tricky when you’re using a laptop at your desk. Propping your laptop up onto a stand or box is a great way to ensure your eyes and screen height match up. Make sure your screen isn’t too close or too far away from you as well. It should be about an arm’s reach away from you.

DON’T use your couch as a desk replacement! If you’re doing work at home, try to set up at a table or some other stable surface. Much safer for you and your computer!

DO Take breaks regularly to stand and stretch. Studies have shown that taking a regular 1-2 min break every 30 mins makes you more alert, engaged and productive!

Try this great stretch for the muscles at the front of your neck
  • Find where your collarbones meet and hold that down firmly.
  • Tilt your head back and over to one side.
  • Hold for 20 secs and repeat on the other side
  • Make it feel comfy
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What about a standing desk?

Sit-stand desks are becoming more and more popular in offices these days. They provide great flexibility for your posture throughout a work day. Would I stand all day? Probably not! Varying your posture over the day by sitting for some time and standing to give your body a break is the best idea.

Need more advice on your desk set up?
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