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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call Reception

Establishing the
root cause of pain

We start with your history to find the root cause of pain. 

How often has a practitioner asked for your whole history, including all the silly things that happened when you were a kid? 

Our guess is never. 

It’s the clues from your history that we can piece together your story to find the original moment/s you started to compensate your ability to move and consequently ended up with the hot spots of pain.

The overlooked stuff is frequently a part of the puzzle:

  • old ankle sprains
  • forearm and wrist fractures as a child
  • a mother’s birth trauma no matter how big or small ie tears, episiotomies, forceps/vacuum requirements
  • appendix and hernia scars
  • umbilical scars from abdominal repairs or investigation
  • broken toes
  • really decent scars anywhere traumatic or surgical in origin, even the thumb and finger tips
  • Dental issues

To name a few. Again, too many to mention and everyone has a unique history.

But some of my injuries were years ago.  Can they really be a problem?

We are aware of the impact injuries can have on each joint.  Given our experience doing this for a number of years, understanding the outcomes when joint movements “go missing” has become common place in our thinking.

Funnily enough the early stuff is often really important.  After all, the earlier in your life the history occurred, the more years your body has had to deal with a compensation pattern.  So it’s potentially a big reason for your experience of pain today regardless of what significance you place on it.

We create a timeline with regard to the events in your history, and then overlay it with your history of pain to work out your unique puzzle.

If you can assess the movement pattern at the hot-spot of pain and you are clear on how the body combines to create patterns, you can determine where that hot-spot is being impacted from, and potentially have a case to RESOLVE the pain.

This is how we got over our own chronic pain experiences. 

Is my pain real?

Yes. There is always a reason for pain, the brain is too clever to just make stuff up.  

What you feel is real, it just might not be where the problem stems from. It might be more of an alert flare, bringing attention to something being out-of-whack.

Here’s our good news about the root cause of pain.

YOUR body is one complete system.  It contains everything it needs to serve itself a new and improved outcome of movement.

Your history of events creates your learnt compensation patterns.  It’s what we read in your movements today, that tells us how you have adapted and coped with that history.

Then we look at what movement combinations your body would benefit from and get to work.

Your old normal movement pattern is not working out for you. 

Our method provides a potential for you to learn how to re-calibrate your movements, working towards your new normal for efficiency and ease. 

Can we help anyone?

We would like to think so. 

We certainly give it our all.  Our passion is solving body puzzles.

We methodically think through the puzzles and seek to understand the impact of the individual pieces of history to then formulate a plan.

If I wanted to “have a go” what should I do?

Book an Anatomy in Motion appointment on our website (there’s a button below).

Or you could call 9859 5059 and speak to reception to book in.

One last thing…

Maybe you have tried lots of other ideas like pilates, yoga, strength training etc.  What we noticed for ourselves was that those programs did help us feel some change in our pain, BUT only if we continued doing them.  If we stopped the routine, the pain would start up again.  So clearly it was a patch up experience and not solving the underlying issue.

One big question we had was “how do we get to the point where we can stop needing to do all these things just to get by?”

The method you’ve just read about, is how we did just that in our own bodies.

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