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Are you frustrated by pain?

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How often do you see practitioners for the same pain, the same spot, the same experience.

Once it was a knee pain and now it is also the foot, the back, maybe into your backside and hips.

You might have tried massage or physio, maybe pilates and yet it’s still a problem.  Maybe it kind of goes away but as soon as you stop YOUR regime it returns, much the same.  You keep trying other people but the pain is not going away.  Have you asked “Is this it for me”?

You use that spiky ball, the foam roller, stretch this, activate that, work your core…but it’s never enough!  Nothing is ever enough. You always need to keep up the routine.

What if we told you that the potential answer to your pain and frustration was available to be seen in the way you stand, walk and move.  And if you learnt to move what is stiff, blocked or stuck, that your body may respond in kind with movement, and let go of the symptoms you feel.

Maybe you have felt out of whack, out of balance for so long that you have just accepted it as your normal…justified it with schoolbags or shoulder bags, poor posture, genetics, your occupation.  Maybe that’s what you have been told.  It’s just the way it is.  That’s just you.  Learn to live with it


That’s not what we think.  We look deep into your history where others tend not to look, to work out why you feel the way you do. 

These imbalances have a major impact on your body tension patterns, stretching it here and compressing it on the opposite side. It’s a push-pull system (ie. if you push it here, it will pull there and vice versa).

The reason we adapt throughout the body is that your brain will always try to keep your eyes in a level position.  If your eyes are not level it’s pretty difficult to move.

Your body will adjust somewhere for every little imbalance just to keep those eyes level.

Eventually it’s a case of those adjustments going too far and you feel pain.  Your pain is real.  BUT it’s often not where the issue first began.


Want to find out when your body began the down-hill spiral? 
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Our clients have been able to explore why their pain existed and experience movement to free their adaptions.  This process can be liberating. 

It not only justifies your painful experience, it empowers you to be a major part of your success while we navigate the body map called the “Flow-Motion-Model”.