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Our Guarantee

We will deliberately investigate your whole history, looking for the answers for your body pain solution.

1. We will not be a specialist of one area or tissue type.  Specialising creates “tunnel-vision” into what you know.  Instead we will be a generalist, across all areas and how they inter-connect and affect each other.

2. Our skill-set & passion focuses on finding the story underlying all the movement & pain problems you have. So we will address your symptoms, AND work with a root-cause approach to find the real problem behind-the-scenes.

3. We ask you many questions about your past that most health professionals will never ask.  Our experience says this is our best way to look for the root cause of your problem for a long-term result.

4. We explain our ideas behind your whole-body pain pattern. It will make sense once explained, why your pain/issue developed. Then we have an avenue to working out the solution.

5. The body works as a whole unit, so we will look & treat you as a whole unit.

If you are searching for someone to look at the detail and work out why your body has repetitive issues with pain, or acute episodes of pain, we are the right people to investigate your story. 

So give us the LOT. Every little chink in the armour whether it be stitches, bone breaks, surgeries, sprains, strains, impacts, birth trauma, birthing trauma.  We are the people that want to know all your “stuff”.

When you understand whole body mechanics the way we do, there presents an opportunity to educate people on their own body. 

No one can “fix” another person’s body. 

But we can facilitate an experience where you get to learn how to move differently and find the balance in how you move.  A truly liberating experience.

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