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Unravelling tricky body puzzles

How we treat pain

  • Do you feel like your body is letting you down?
  • Are you struggling to find answers to your pain or movement issues?

It’s likely that all your previous practitioners have only looked at localised sites of pain and restriction.

We look at your movements in the whole-body unit, how the joints are interacting to suss out the pattern your body is following. 

Why are you placing so much stress and strain through the painful area. 

This is essential to work out where your body moves & where it doesn’t so we can work out the path to unravel your current situation.

It all starts with awareness.  Then you have the capacity see the limitations you are moving within.  It’s a bit like an imbalanced cage.

Body Awareness
What will we do that’s different?

Our AiM practitioners delve into your COMPLETE history of illness, injury, surgery & scars, looking for the pieces of your puzzle that everyone else has over-looked.  Hence why you are still on the search for answers!

By looking at the time-line of when your pain developed, it helps us to determine which body part your brain (yes your brain!) is trying to protect, where your brain is reacting to and creating the “compensation” if you like, to keep you moving.

We explain it like this:

Something happened that made you adapt to an altered way of moving.  Initially it would have been a protective mechanism, a useful adaptive way to stay mobile.  But eventually the imbalance created from this movement change catches up with you, and now it’s a pain-problem.

The imbalanced movement patterns you adopted from many moons ago when your body was injured, are so normal to you often wont be aware of it.

In essence your brain has linked the to certain movements and has since blocked your body from moving in other directions.

Check out the images below as examples of what we are looking for.:

  • shoulder heights (and no it’s not from school bags OR handbags!)
  • head protruding forwards
  • neck on a forward slant
  • pelvis thrust forwards of the head
  • wrists not sitting in neutral – halfway between turned in and turned out
  • if the eyes are level
  • AND SO MUCH MORE than this tiny list…
  • we include feet, toes, knees, hips, skull etc etc…no stone left unturned

But it’s your history the gives the clues as to where to start, where can we unravel to create a re-balancing domino effect?

Don’t be mistaken that your posture is lazy and just the way your body is, with no capacity for change.  Our brain is so incredibly clever

Posture | scoliosis | poor posture
How do we work this out with you?

The way we go about this is pretty simple.  We test movements and associated sites of old injury.  You give us the answers by how your body moves and how it feels in very specific directions. 

You will need no convincing.

In fact quite the opposite. 

Most clients are astounded when they discover things about their history and movements because THEY feel it, they experience the change and have that fabulous look of “did that just happen?” 

It is these moments in a consult that provide more hope for their future, and more understanding as to why no one has been able to resolve something in the past.  It’s a wonderful job to help people unravel their old stuff.

So How do You start?

You undergo a 1 hour assessment at which time we work out what movements you cannot do, what movements are holding your body in a funky way causing this problem you experience.

I doubt anyone will have done this type of assessment on you,  looked so closely at the way you move, broken it all down for you so clearly.

We find what is missing in your movements and re-create a pattern for you to practice focusing on restoring those movements.  Awareness.

Cog | Anatomy in Motion | Canterbury
Cog | Anatomy in Motion | Surrey Hills | Osteopathy
What have we guided people through:
  • headaches/migraine
  • ongoing shoulder-blade pain
  • the old low back pain, it’s everywhere!!
  • post-surgical issues such as for back, knee, hip
  • hip bursitis
  • plantar fasciitis (sole of foot pain)
  • achilles issues
  • ongoing ankle sprains
  • chronic tendonitis wherever, for however long it’s been there
  • KNEE pain!
  • old fracture avoidances
  • post-surgical issues from scar tissue (inc. wisdom teeth, laparoscopic surgery)

This process could be the hope you have been searching for. 

We have worked on many body “mysteries” with clients including resolving our own chronic pains as Osteopaths (yes, we have a history too). 

Anatomy in Motion | Foot Pain | Surrey Hills Osteopathy
We even look at how you are holding your feet…

So many clues are in your feet.

And yes there is meant to be movement in the feet in a very particular way.

Do your feet sit flat or arched, maybe even one of each?

Do you have bunions, claw toes, corns?

These are all clues to your movement abilities in the feet and the body above.  You just need the right body detective who knows what the clues indicate

When we said this was whole body, the feet are a considerable part of “whole-body”

We use wedges to create bio-mechanical patterns in your feet to relate up to the rest of your body.  It’s like unlocking a combination of movements to allow other joints to free-up.

So if you are a flat foot person and been told “flat feet are bad…we need to get them arched”  there is SOME truth to that.

When your big toe hits the floor as you walk, your foot is best to flatten (Pronate) to spread the load of your body weight.  Just after this moment, the foot is best to arch (Supinate) back up like a re-coil to help move you on.

A flattening arch is so important, as important as an arched arch as luck would have it.  For fluent body movement we actually need both states to occur in the foot so the rest of our body moves well too – I know right, the whole body relies on good foot movement and vice-versa.

Flat Feet | High Arches | Osteopathy Kew
Knock Knees | Valgus Knee | Bow Legs | Varus Knees

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AiM - Unravelling body puzzles

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