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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call Reception

Osteopath Bulleen

Boroondara Osteopathy has been serving the eastern suburbs community of Melbourne since 2004 which includes Bulleen. Located at one end of Bulleen Road at the North Balwyn Village, Boroondara Osteopathy strives to find the root cause of your pain. This allows us to prepare the best plan for you going forward as we want you to have long-lasting changes to get you through the day to day. Osteopaths are university trained and educated in a variety of injuries and conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, sports injuries, tendinopathies, pre and postnatal care, back pain, and headaches. Do you have a musculoskeletal complaint that needs addressing? Our team of osteopaths are here for you! 

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Our Osteopathic Services.

The team at Boroondara Osteopathy have collective treatment experience of over 30 years! We are dedicated to providing you with excellent hands-on treatment as well as prevention strategies when required. Our osteopaths aim to help you understand what is going on in your body as simply as we can. We look at the whole picture, from your head to your feet, and use our hands on tools like soft tissue massage and joint mobility to improve your symptoms. Whether is it low back pain, disc injuries, knee pain, shoulder and posture issues or headaches, you can feel confident that we will get you back to your regular activities!  

Stretches & Mobilising

Tension and restrictions in our body can be addressed with stretching and mobility techniques. Our osteopaths will use a variety of techniques to achieve looser joints and relaxed muscles. This is all aimed at re-balancing the body and taking pressure off areas contributing to your aches and pains. There’s nothing like the feeling of moving with ease!  

Craniosacral Osteopathy

Craniosacral treatment addresses the bones of the skull down to the sacrum (the triangle bone at the base of the spine). It is a treatment that is often used to address jaw pain, headaches, neck pain and sometimes even stress and anxiety. This is because your cranial osteopath will be influencing the body’s natural rhythm. It is important to understand that the bones in the skull move alone its suture lines to allow for pressure changes. When there is a lack of movement here, complaints like the above mentioned may occur. If you believe craniosacral may be what you are after, take a look at our dedicated craniosacral page!  

Tongue Tie & Osteopathy

A tongue tie restricts the movement of the tongue which can cause a range of issues throughout life. Commonly a tongue tie affects a breastfeeding baby who is having trouble latching well, not feeding efficiently or could be causing breast issues for mum. As the child grows, this can progress into speech issues or problems eating solid foods. Our osteopaths have a good working relationship with other health professionals to assess, treat and manage tongue ties.  

Pregnancy & Osteopathy

Pregnancy may not be easy for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that we need to make it extra hard on ourselves! Our experienced osteopaths are here to help you rebalance and realign your body as it makes adjustments to accommodate for baby. Releasing tension and stiffness in our muscles and joints can significantly reduce the load on your body, allowing your pregnancy to be a more comfortable and enjoyable journey. 

Babies & Osteopathy

When a baby looks like they have some pain or body issue it can feel surprising as a parent. But please know babies are often brought to Osteopaths to restore the balance in their little body that may have been upset by the position they had in utero, any intervention they had post-birth, feeding struggles or any other issue from entering into this new world. Our Osteopaths near Bulleen have treated many babies in our time for head-turning issues, feeding struggles and also just to help their body unwind after a possible birth trauma from difficulties with birthing. Our friendly Osteopaths will have you at ease with your little one. 

Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

This unique education called Anatomy in Motion has been a blessing to learn. It has cemented the idea of how the body works as a unit by understanding how each part relates to the next in motion. Anatomy in Motion also helps us to understand the WHY that exists in how some people stand. Think about it…who would choose to stand with one shoulder higher than the other, or a head tilt, maybe a knee the extends further than the other. It’s simply not intended to be that way and Anatomy in Motion is our method to show you why and what you can do to re-balance your body for the long term. And no, it doesn’t involve a brace!  


Mastitis is a shocker, let’s face it. It’s one of those conditions that unless you’ve experienced it, you really don’t know how badly it impacts the whole of your body, not just the breast. Breastfeeding can present many issues including mastitis, but also blocked ducts & engorgement and this is where our Osteopaths are very experienced in how to treat the area, educate you about the problem and then teach you the best way to continue working on your own breast. Our Melbourne Mastitis Clinic is dedicated to helping women through their breastfeeding ordeal. We often use therapeutic ultrasound but also our developed massage techniques for the fastest recovery.

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Our Team of Experienced Osteopaths

Our dedicated staff are a close-knit team of Osteopaths who work together with each other to discuss the best outcomes for our clientele. Our passion for the human body function and the ease at which you can assist people to find in themselves serves as a great passion for all our Osteopaths here in Balwyn.

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