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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call Reception
How to win a FREE Osteo Treatment!

Hi. Thanks for checking out our competition draw...

Each New Patient that attends the clinic will be asked if they were referred by anyone specific.

If they give us a name of someone in our clinic community, that person will be entered onto a list which will allocate them a number corresponding to the row they are in.

The referrer will receive an SMS from us letting them know they’ve been entered into our luck draw!

At the end of each month using the random number generator at…


…one lucky person’s number will be selected (that corresponds to the row they in the monthly list) and will be notified that they have won a 30-minute return consult with the Osteopath of their choice at Boroondara Osteopathy.

You gotta be in it to WIN it!
Let people know how we could help them.
Competition Details & Conditions:
  • you will be entered as many times as you are mentioned as the referrer each calendar month
  • each month a new list will be recorded for that specific calendar month (ie. old lists will be ineligible)
  • the 30-minute consult is only available to the person who referred the client-not transferable
  • the order of referrers will be listed the chronological order the new patient attended the practice
  • to be eligible, the new patient must mention the name of a direct member of our clinic community (ie. had an appointment with one of our practitioners at any time in the past)