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Dr Katie Willy - Osteopath

I also needed Osteopathic treatment for both my babies…
It’s just that I am the Osteopath!

Both of my sons (2 years apart) were born with head-turning preferences, one went left, and one went right.  My first son had it worst and after 6 weeks, I finally got around to treating him.  I was obviously a first-time mum.  I had dealt with 2 bouts of mastitis (one really bad lasting 6 days), and had been in a bit of a fog while I learned to care for this little man.

His mis-shapen head was a result of his head-turning preference (plagiocephaly-flat head syndrome).  He always lay with his head turning right, resulting in the right side flattening at the back of his head.  He hated tummy-time but it is an important part of a baby’s development and I should have done more of it (despite the little monkey’s strong protest).

So at 6 weeks, in tears feeling like I had neglected him, I began work on his neck and spine.  The good news with little bubbas is that they respond so fast…you can feel the tissues melting under your fingers.  It is in no way painful for them and many get relaxed as you treat them.  After all, you and I know what it feels like to have a stiff neck; it’s not fun, and is rather uncomfortable.  It took me about three 20 minute sessions and he had balanced movement of his neck and spine.  He still had the flat spot on his head but it never worsened.  As he has grown (nearly 4 years old as at June 2016), his skull growth has slowly expanded to be even both sides.

This is one of the common reasons parents seek out our help.  

I am so glad when they do because the improvements in their baby’s head movement is often immediate. As in my son’s case, this will usually prevent any further flattening.  Any twist that you notice in baby’s spine or neck, anywhere, can often be rectified with realigning all the structures.
My second son, along with his mild case of plagiocephaly, had an amazingly stinky, painful gut.  He was a purely breastfed baby and despite this fact, he suffered from constipation.  If you are unaware, constipation is basically unheard of for a breastfed baby.  He could clear a room with his backend wind…it was quite a formidable talent!

So with this little one I also had to treat his gut, low back & pelvis, to release the strains & spasm.  In with this I added ‘Infant’s Friend’ which I could get from the chemist.  It is liquid drops that you can give the baby at anytime.  It has fizzy stuff (bicarb type stuff)  and some herbs (anise, cassia and dill-smells like baby chai).  The Osteopathy/Infant’s Friend combo settled him right down.  He no longer screamed during feeds and finally his bowel motions began to be easier on his body.  Happy baby…happy parents!
Many ‘Baby’ issues can be treated by an Osteopath.  We in no way replace a GP or paediatrician, but are an adjunct therapy for the care of little ones.

If you want to read more about what our Osteopaths can do, click on the link below to our Babies & Osteopathy page.  If you have further questions, you are welcome to call and speak to one of our staff for further info…9859 5059.

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