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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call Reception
Are you feeling like your body is letting you down?

Tried so many things and still no long-term in your relief…

Chances are, you…

  • have become frustrated with the same old pain
  • have tried therapies that kinda help but eventually you fall back again into the pain pattern
  • may have even given up…lots of people do my friend…we may have something for you

If you are after some potential answers to your body then keep reading.

Our Anatomy-in-Motion (AiM) practitioners

…delve into your FULL history of illness, injury, surgery & scars.  In a nutshell, we look for movement-patterns based on Gary Ward’s education about whole-body health (AiM).  We look at the time-line of when your pain developed to suss out where you body may have an old issue it hasn’t gotten over. Which body part your brain (yes your brain!) is trying to protect, where your brain is reacting to and creating the “work-around” if you like, to keep you moving.

How on earth did my body do this?

We explain it like this: when you experienced (insert YOUR injury/trauma here)  something happened that made you adapt to a different way of moving, to help your body along.  Initially it would have been a protective mechanism and now it’s  a pain-problem.  In essence your brain has linked that event to certain movements and has since blocked your body from moving in other directions.  Consider the stress this type of imbalance has in your whole body and maybe that’s why you can’t get rid of your pain, because no-one ever searched and resolved the “why”.

How can we suss out where the issue is?

The way we go about this is pretty simple.  We test movements in relation to associated sites of old injury and you give us the answers by how your body moves and how it feels in very specific directions.  You will need no convincing. In fact quite the opposite.  Many clients are astounded when they discover things about their history and movements because THEY feel it, they experience the change and have that fabulous look of “did that just happen?”  It is these moments in a consult that provide more hope for their future, and more understanding as to why no one has been able to resolve something in the past.  It’s a wonderful job to help people unravel their old stuff.

What have we guided people through:
  • headaches/migraine
  • shoulder-blade pain
  • the old low back pain, it’s everywhere!!
  • post-surgical issues such as for back, knee, hip
  • hip bursitis
  • plantar fasciitis (sole of foot pain)
  • achilles issues
  • ongoing ankle sprains
  • chronic tendonitis wherever, for however long it’s been there
  • KNEE pain!
  • old fracture avoidances
  • post-surgical issues from scar tissue (inc. wisdom teeth, laparoscopic surgery)

Yours not on the list?  Give us a call and ask!

What’s the next step to get this body of mine on the right road?

AiM clients undergo a 1 hour assessment at which time we work out what movements you can & cannot do, what movements are holding your body in a funky way.
I doubt anyone will have done this type of assessment on you,  looked so closely at the way you move, broken it all down for you so clearly.

We find what is missing in your movements and work to re-train a pattern to restore those missing movements.
We will explain the “why did this happen” to you, provide you with the movement exercises tailored to your body, and navigate your unwinding process.
Basically we look for why your body is holding itself the way it currently is.  Why the imbalance and asymmetry you have with moving your body corresponds to pains you experience. And then unravel it and give you new ways to move.

So the choice is yours.

Do you let yourself have a go at over-coming “this”? 
OR do you keep going the way you are going, just as sore, just as stuck?
You do have a choice.  It would be a shame to choose pain.

If you want to talk to us about what we can do for you, call us on 9859 5059 and speak to Osteopaths Elise or Katie.  We are all ears!

If you just want to experience what we can do and just get into it… make an “AiM” appointment at the link below!
Seriously, one day you will be so glad you stumbled onto this page! We hear it all the time!

Want to see how this helped one of our Osteos personally with chronic and intense headaches?
Click here to go to her BLOG article on Katie’s experience.

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