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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call Reception

Osteopath near Mont Albert

Boroondara Osteopathy is a well-established clinic that has been serving local members of the community around Mont Albert since 2004. Our osteopaths want to understand the reasoning behind your complaint, this helps us create a plan best suited to you. We aim to make changes to your body that last long-term, this is important as we want to see you continuing to improve. Osteopaths can help patients with a variety of issues, including sports and spinal injuries, pre and postnatal care, postural complaints, and headaches. We’re here to provide you healthcare that looks at you as a whole person not just a set of symptoms. If you’ve been looking for this, our osteopaths at Boroondara Osteopathy are here for you.

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Our Osteopathic Services.

We can put our bodies through the ringer sometimes! Whichever background you come from be it manual work, a desk job, or even retirement we can all find ourselves with muscle tension and stiff joints sometimes. Osteopathy is designed to unpack the issues you may have, using a variety of techniques to unload or unwind the tissues to find relief.

Osteopaths are all university educated in applying these techniques and can use them for a variety of complaints. For problems such as strains and sprain, we’ll provide the hands-on as well as helping you come up with a plan to tackle your problem from home too! We can also help manage chronic pain by finding and address the root cause of a problem.

Stretches & Mobilising

We aim to release and relieve the pain and tension in the body through our experience in hands-on body work. Working on the body through muscles, tendons, discs, joints, and ligaments allows us to work on the presenting issue. By holistically viewing your areas of pain, we can identify focus points to release the stresses and tension held by tissues in the body.

Craniosacral Osteopathy

Sometimes when we think of something as insignificant, it might actually hold a lot of answers for us. We find that patients with sinus complaints, headaches, feeling “off”, or just generally feeling like they can’t get a handle on their stress and anxiety can find a lot of answers through cranial osteopathy. Cranial osteopathy is all about the bones of the head and pelvis. Our body follows a natural rhythm in these areas, and if we have a disruption to that rhythm we start to see changes throughout the rest of the body too.

Tongue Tie & Osteopathy

A muscle that is often neglected is the tongue, somehow we forget that the tongue needs to be looked after too. It’s such an important part of our body we use it everyday for eating, drinking, and talking! So what happens if it’s restricted with a tongue tie? We start to see issues arising from a tongue tie from infancy this might look like latching issues or as bub gets older speech troubles and snoring – which can also be a sign in adults as well as neck pain. So if you have an inkling something might be amiss perhaps it’s something to look into.

Pregnancy & Osteopathy

When you first think about 9 months it seems like a long time (and if you’re at the end of your term I’m sure it feels long too!). BUT when we get down to it, it’s not a lot of time and your body is making a lot of adjustments very quickly to accommodate bub. So it make sense why our joints and muscle sometimes can’t keep up, they might start to tighten up and your movements may be feeling stiff and forced. The good thing is, osteopathy is safe for pregnancy! Our goal to help reduce that muscle tension and encourage the joints to keeping moving, this can help reduce those extra aches and pains while bub continues to grow.

Babies & Osteopathy

Have you got question about your baby? Maybe you’ve heard that babies could do with a check up following birth. There’s a number of reasons parents seek our assistance when it comes to their baby. Some things are quite obvious, such as baby’s head not turning easily in both directions. But then we also see babies that have an unsettled nature and the parents are wondering if our skilled hands could identify something. Whatever the reason, our Osteopaths are here to assist you and make sense of the issue at hand.

Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

Anatomy in Motion is a mindset approach, looking for answers to ongoing or unresolved problems. The key for us is to ask you about your history in as much detail as you can remember. The whole picture of your body history is where we look for the reasons why your body is suffering in the way it is. By understanding the patterns that injuries/trauma/surgeries impact the body’s position of posture and movement, we can then restore the movement issues that are missing. Sometimes our clients realise what they are moving poorly in their body, and other times they experience the eye-opening examples when we show them. This is pure body detective work to get to the root cause of the problem.


Unfortunately, the experience of breastfeeding is not always a wonderful one. It can feel overwhelming when an issue arises and even more overwhelming when you are not sure how to handle the problem. Mastitis creates that experience for me breastfeeding mothers. Our job is to not only treat your breast/s but educate you on how to prevent the issues returning. Blocked ducts and engorgement can also be causing this type of stress. Whatever your breastfeeding issue, with our knowledge of how breast anatomy functions, we will work to solve the problem with you.

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Our Team of Experienced Osteopaths

Our dedicated staff are a close-knit team of Osteopaths who work together with each other to discuss the best outcomes for our clientele. Our passion for the human body function and the ease at which you can assist people to find in themselves serves as a great passion for all our Osteopaths here in Balwyn.

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    Osteopath Mont Albert

    Need an Osteopath Mont Albert?

    So you have pain that you want resolved & are looking for Osteopath Mont Albert.  We know it can be difficult to know where to go…just know that we have built a reputation for solutions to physical problems.

    Why Choose us?

    • Experienced practitioners
    • After-work and weekend appointments available
    • Trusted by 1000’s of people since 2004
    • We are more affordable than many of our competitors, with zero compromise on quality
    • Easy parking!

    Our Osteopaths have been doing this job for years, collectively over 30 years.  Our dedicated group provides excellent physical treatment & prevention strategies, as well as a diagnosis in plain English for your particular problem, so you understand.  We have helped thousands of people just like you, and continually participate in further education to improve or services and knowledge.

    Our clinic in Mont Albert North has been operating since 2004 and continually growing due to our successes with our clients.  We are referred to by many GP’s, dentists, gyms and myotherapists regularly, simply due to our quality healthcare and positive outcomes.  Our team of Osteopaths are here to help you too.  You can start your  recovery today.

    Common conditions Osteopaths treat:

    • Acute or chronic muscular pain
    • Headaches and migraines
    • Back Pain and Neck pain
    • Sciatica
    • Joint injuries
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Shoulder problems/pain
    • Postural problems
    • Work injuries
    • Injuries after a car accident
    • Sports Injuries
    • Pregnancy Related Pain

    Call our reception staff today and book an appointment. 9859 5059.  We are located in the Balwyn North Village in Balwyn North.
    Need an after hours appointment?  

    We are open until 8pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, and Saturday mornings!

    We have been providing Osteopathic care since 2004 to Balwyn, Balwyn North, Doncaster, Canterbury, Kew, Kew East, Hawthorn, Surrey Hills, Mont Albert, Mont Albert north & surrounding suburbs.  We look forward to meeting you.

    Mont Albert residents are involved in many activities that could compromise their spinal health. Not only are there many small business owners working long hours jeopardising their health, there are also a number of families in Mont Albert who require Osteopathy care. When in pain, our osteopaths provide Mont Albert residents with an effective solution for their pain relief.  With our thorough approach when assessing your condition, and our treatment with physical therapy, many people from Mont Albert have found Boroondara Osteopathy and great way to get back-on-track.

    Pregnancy pain

    Pregnancy pain for soon-to-be mothers, benefit greatly from Osteopathic therapy dues to the gentle capacity of our techniques. Pregnancy pain can include back pain, pelvic pain, muscle injuries and pelvic imbalance. These problems are all appropriate for Osteopathic treatment, including post-partum relief for breast-feeding and lifting injuries many new mothers experience. Headaches and upper back pain are common pains women experience from breast-feeding. Osteopaths can provide you with preventative measures to reduce the impact of these pains, whilst teaching you strategies to manage new activities required to care for an infant.

    Sports injuries

    Sports injuries are another common problem that occurs for Mont Albert residents. With many local sports facilities it is great to see so many Mont Albert residents enjoying indoor and outdoor sports. Ankle sprains, knee pain, ligaments and tendon injuries, rotator cuff injuries can be resolved with osteopathy. With Boroondara Osteopathy in a neighbouring suburb, many Mont Albert sports people attend our clinic for osteopathy treatment to get back into sports ASAP.  Our skill in accurate diagnosis enables our clients to understand their pain and be able to avoid future aggravations.


    Our aging population creates another challenge for Mont Albert pain sufferers. Osteopathy is a safe and effective treatment choice that combines massage, stretching, joint treatment and preventative strategies. This approach is appropriate for Mont Albert arthritis sufferers as it is directly related to reliving joint pain. Many Mont Albert arthritis sufferers have found Boroondara Osteopathy a fantastic clinic due to the caring disposition of the Osteopaths, and the effective physical therapy that is provided by a professional team.

    Physiotherapy or Osteopathy?

    Mont Albert physiotherapy is another choice for treatment of aches and pains, however Boroondara Osteopathy has been a provider to the local Mont Albert community for many years. Our osteopaths have experience in treating conditions that many Mont Albert residents would seek treatment for at a Mont Albert physiotherapy clinic.  Many physiotherapist do not provide actual physical treatment, and instead rely on machines and exercise to accomplish their goals.  Osteopathy is vastly different to physiotherapy in this way, our Osteopaths always provide the required physical therapy to manipulate your body’s imbalances and get you back-on-track.  A post-treatment management plan is also encouraged to keep you pain-free.

    About Boroondara Osteopathy

    Osteopaths examine more than just the site of pain and discomfort to identify the primary source of you pain & discomfort. This ensures an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan. We also identify factors that cause and continue to aggravate your condition, which may include work and lifestyle habits, and offer advice to ensure you reach your best state of health. Headaches, pregnancy pain, arthritis and spinal pain are common complaints we treat. Osteopathy is safe and effective for all age groups.