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Osteo Myths #1

Written by Boroondara Osteopathy

A well-known clinic in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs founded by Dr Katie Willy (Osteopath)

Client: “Don’t you get bored treating the same stuff?”

If I had a dollar each time I was asked this…you know the rest.

Yep, this is one of the most common questions we get as Osteopaths

Lower back pain and neck pain are easily the bulk of the complaints that walk through the door.

People generally point to the same areas of pain but if we look close enough, “back pain” looks different in everyone! The back is the part though that is like the meat in the sandwich of imbalanced posture and muscle tension.

This means that treatment differs in every person.

So no we don’t get bored with it.

Our most challenging, satisfying and fun part of the job Is working through a person’s unique musculoskeletal puzzle.  Otherwise we would just be doing “cookie-cutter” treatment which is just not OUR thing here at Boroondara Osteopathy.

back pain | balwyn osteopath
Treating back pain often doesn’t involve a whole session on the back.

This is beacuse if it’s the meat in the sandwich, we want to find out what the bread is?

We will look at the mobility and tension of other areas that are old injuries or trauma related.

We might need to teach some of the ankle or foot bones how to rotate properly after sprained ankles or plantar fasciitis.  This allows the knee to flex or extend more comfortable. If the knees can move more comfortably then the lower back can achieve a cleaner bending or extending, and this lack of movement ultimately could be the cause of the back pain.

We may look at the ribcage and pelvic movement relationship and work here to improve them.  The lower spine sits between these two structures and if they are restricted then the lower back might be doing too much or not enough. 

The load will be imbalanced.

Rounded shoulders and shoulder blade mobility could be pulling on the muscles in the back, causing pain and tension further down the back.

All these scenarios may result in lower back pain, its our job as osteopaths to figure out the different variation in compensatory patterns and unravel what is holding that pattern. This is vital in solving musculoskeletal complaints and not just covering over the symptoms.

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