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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call Reception
Steph Klupacs | Osteopath | Balwyn

Dr Steph Klupacs

Anatomy in Motion Certified Practitioner
Tongue Tie Therapist
Melbourne Mastitis Clinic Practitioner
Pre-pointe Assessments

About me...

My passion for Osteopathy stemmed from the desire to work with people along with my interest in the workings of the human body – seemed a perfect match. There is nothing better when your job enables other people to feel better, move better and enjoy what life has to offer them. 

I’m a pretty bubbly & enthusiastic person and this is really helpful for people to feel comfortable around me.  I have a real knack for choosing the best way to treat someone’s body, from stronger pressure to a lighter touch depending on the client.

Along with Elise & Katie, I treat clients that seek our help for mastitis and other breast-feeding challenges at our Melbourne Mastitis Clinic.  Our commitment to these women is so important to me given the lack of manual therapy options available to them.  It’s great to be able to explain & teach women how to manage their breast-feeding challenges, creating a greater sense of calm for them going forward.

Another side to me is my experience in ballet and dance.  In my pre-pointe assessment program I work one-on-one with dancers to optimize their dance technique by finding and treating any biomechanical dysfunctions, areas of muscle tension and prescribing functional exercises.  I check out flexibility, turnout and how strong your body is before you get your pointe shoes.  By providing personalized exercises to improve your technique and strength, this usually means you can get your pointe shoes sooner, and have less chance for injury!  I am particularly passionate about ensuring that young performers are in peak condition to perform at their best!

I have completed further study in treating babies and children to help them recover from birth, feeding difficulties and settling, as well as Gary Ward’s (author of What the Foot) Finding Centre immersion course that focuses on the mechanical movements of the joints in the body and how they inter-relate. Put simply, whole-body health.

Fun Facts

  • Top 3 favourites (Cadbury Chocolate Box): Crunchie, Picnic, Marvellous Creation
  • Awesome cook and baker
  • Loves a game of netball


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