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Dr Katie Willy - Osteopath

Are you getting a stabbing pain in your rib cage?
Does it feel sore to breath in, cough or sneeze?
It’s possible you have a rib dysfunction!

Lucky for you this is right up our alley. We will not only assess your rib cage but also look for any spinal trouble, shoulder or neck trouble that may be associated with your sore rib.
These can seem to arise for no reason at all, but are also common from trauma (ie sports bump or tackle) and are frequently a result of car accidents.
Rib pain can be ultra-debilitating. Often a stabbing sensation with breathing and movement, it is terribly hard for the sufferer to manage alone.

Whether its:

  • Cartilage
  • Rib joint sprain
  • Referred spinal pain

we can assist you to fully recover. As expected, we will always consider the possibility of a fracture or more serious condition when questioning you about your injury.
A gentle approach to the injury is initially what’s required with the use of ultrasound, massaging the inflamed muscles in the area and gently mobilising the affected joints.
As with many acute conditions, we suggest the use of anti-inflammatories for the appropriate patients. Our approach, although hands-on and physical, also encompasses the use of medications.

We always provide self-management strategies to aide in a faster recovery.

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