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A real blocked duct story & how it develops.

I want to tell you a blocked duct story of a lady I saw in the clinic. She’s a new mum, who’s breastfeeding her baby pretty well.

Good latch, good supply, good routine.

She has been feeling a bit run down in the past few days, but just figured that this was motherhood so she better just get used to it.

She noticed that her breasts were a bit lumpy, but there had been lumps coming and going since day 1 of breastfeeding. She got the aches the next day, but maybe she was getting a cold or virus or something like that. By that night, her breasts were tender and sore and maybe they were looking a little red too.

But still, no fever, no sweats, no chills. Definitely not mastitis, right?

No one tells you that blocked ducts might feel like this!

But what are you meant to do? Antibiotics are for mastitis, aren’t they? And you don’t have mastitis!

Lucky for you, we are here to offer some support. We see many new (and not so new) mums struggling with breast congestion issues and we have the benefit of experience when it comes to this treatment.

Our process treats the lumps and blocked ducts that can develop into mastitis. The ultrasound treatment we use is targeted to the painful area of your breast to jiggle the material inside the duct on a micro-level. We perform skilled massage therapy and gentle joint mobilisation to help your body to move the fluids and lumps through the body’s own drainage system called the lymphatics

We work together with you and your team of health care professionals so you can continue to breastfeed your baby.

Your blocked duct story doesn’t have to mean the end of your breastfeeding!

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