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Do you know what mastitis feels like with your hands?

Is it just a sore breast? Honestly, hardly anyone has been taught what mastitis feels like when they start breastfeeding. Waking up after a solid night’s sleep with a new baby feels like a miracle – until you realise that one breast feels like a rock and you have a sore throat. Then as the day goes on, you feel more and more tired and you feel just not quite right.  

What are mastitis symptoms?

Mastitis symptoms can take many shapes and forms. The classic ones we look for all the time are:

  • Fever
  • sweats or chills
  • and a red, sore breast.

But there are a range of other symptoms that you might feel, and it can be confusing to work out whether these are symptoms of mastitis or just symptoms of being a new mum!

Feeling run down, or “not quite right” is super common, and can easily be brushed off as “new parent tiredness”. Your breast might just be a slight tinge of pink over one little corner.

NOTE: Not all breasts have to be red hot and angry!

You might even just have a sore throat, or be extra thirsty. This is especially hard to pick out as a mastitis symptom, because what does a sore throat have to do with breastfeeding?! This is your whole body telling you that you’re fighting something off.

So next time you’re feeling a bit off and have a sore breast, maybe check the rest of this list for other symptoms.

The best thing you can do for mastitis is to get onto it early so you can fix it quickly!

Does mastitis need antibiotics?

And the fix doesn’t have to mean antibiotics! We wrote a separate article on this topic of antibiotics for mastitis. Most mastitis begins as an inflammatory process, NOT an infection, and just needs rest and the right massage plan to recover.

our Melbourne Mastitis Clinic mastitis treatment protocol may assist you with your mastitis so you don’t end up needing antibiotics. We teach you how to manage mastitis with your own hands, how to move fluids in the breast and empowering you with breast education.

Our clinic is in Melbourne Australia where we treat women experiencing mastitis. You can book in via the button below or call 9859 5059.

However, if you are elsewhere in the world we have our online strategies in video Masterclasses on the website of our sister company Your Two Jugs. Click the logo to go straight to the Your Two Jugs website to check it out.

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